Sunday 28th February 2021


Speaking from my own experience of going through infertility in previous relationships, I know that going through it as a stepmum is a completely different experience. It is not to say it is more or less hard, it is just different and there are different challenges to overcome.

If you are trying for a child and your partner already has one or more from a previous relationship, it can feel like a real kick in the teeth to know your own experience wasn't as simple, quick and easy as his past. It can make you feel worthless and like a failure.

It may hurt as a stepmum to be looking after another woman's child, knowing deep down you really just want a child of your own. There is no shame in admitting you would like your own child, even though you have stepchildren.

Although I have now become pregnant myself, infertility is something that is still close to my heart and I feel it is important to keep talking about it to try and normalise how a women feels and what she goes through. Often it is the emotions surrounding infertility that can hold a woman back from becoming pregnant.  The resentment, jealousy, shame and secrecy can make the process even harder than it actually is.

I found myself that when I worked on my mindset and emotions, I was able to feel strong enough to go through IVF and make it work first time. It was something I had been in denial of for over a year!

Around half of my clients are either trying for a baby, going through infertility treatments or deciding whether they want children of their own. (Sometimes a stepmum isn't sure if she wants kids of her own, once she becomes a stepmum.) I have had multiple women now fall pregnant with me either naturally or via fertility treatments when we begin to do coaching work together. 

If you are in this position (and you may be reading this and not a stepmum - if so, this healing meditation will stick work for you!) I have created this meditation from my own personal experience and lessons, as well as my training as an Energy Healer with a Fertility Counsellor and Healer who has 14 years experience in this area. Although I am a certified stepfamily coach, women's health and healing is also a big interest and passion of mine. In fact, I find the coaching and healing are very interlinked and work nicely with one another.

Click on the image below to enjoy this meditation that has been created with healing your body, increasing your self-worth and ability to believe in your potential to become a mum in this lifetime.

I would love to hear how you felt afterwards and if anything came up for you? Please send me an email on charlotte@charlottegough.com if you would like to share anything with me.

I also create personalised healing meditations specific for anyone going through infertility or fertility treatments to help support you emotionally and physically. If you would like to know more, please book in a free call with me HERE and we can chat further.


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