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Hi, I'm Charlotte!

I’m a Yoga-loving Stepmum of 4 based in the UK, and happily married to my wonderful husband James.

After overcoming many hurdles in our stepfamily dynamic, and hitting a fair few lows before I found my happy place, I decided to start this blog with the intention of helping other stepmums out there who also deserve to thrive in their role.

Being married to, or dating a man with kids, does not mean you have to be second best or settle for living an unhappy and unfulfilled life!

I talk passionately about all things health, wellbeing and blended family life and credit my love and knowledge of self-development, Yoga and healthy mindful living as one of the reasons I feel I am living my happiest, healthiest life as a stepmum.

After finding traditional therapists lacked empathy and true understanding about stepfamilies, I decided to take my Stepfamily Foundation Coaching Certification  so that I could set about my mission to help other stepmums who may need some extra support and friendship in their role.

Unless you have been a stepmum it is so hard to understand how we feel or what we go through in life.

Being a stepmum is not easy! But I promise you, your life can improve and you don’t need to suffer, no matter how stressful or complicated your situation is.

Sending you love,




As part of our real life stepmum series, read all about this lovely ladies journey from single to stepmum in another country. Being a stepmother is hard enough, without having to navigate a whole new culture. I know this stepmum well, and I can tell you she always does it with kindness and class.

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Stepmum Coaching

Fed up of feeling drained, angry and resentful about your stepfamily life?

I work with stepmums who are finally ready to make those mental shifts needed to be a happy stepmum!

I promise you, it is entirely possible to lead a peaceful life, regardless of your stepfamily circumstance.

The power is within you!

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Mindset Coaching

Feel there is more to life, but you're unable to get there? Do you know you are more than just a (step) mum and are ready to unlock your inner potential? Do you have fertility issues or suffer with PCOS?

Well then you are in the right place! I also work with women who are ready to heal from PCOS or mums of all sorts (single, step or bio) who want to feel empowered and positive again!

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Miracle Mindset Group Coaching


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